Health and fitness are on people’s minds more than ever. But knowing how to improve your health – even if you regularly work out - can be daunting.

We’re meeting that challenge. The Amplify app will be your holistic health app for fitness, sleep, wellbeing and nutrition.

We offer much more than just workout plans. We want to enable everybody to understand their physical and mental health and the things that impact it: fitness, nutrition, sleep and fitness/motivation.

Amplify delivers a personalised, gamified health experience within a positive community, led by our stars, sporting legends, elite athletes, coaches, nutritionists and healthcare professionals.

So you know you’re in safe hands.

Get fit, stay fit, active and motivated with workouts and programmes based around goals - whatever they are.

Track your progress moving towards your fitness goals.

Sign up to events or take on fun or physical challenges from our stars and professional athletes. Can you beat the pro?!

The Lifeline is our daily feed of interesting stuff to read, see, or do about health and fitness. We use AI, and what we know about you, to pick out exactly what you'll want to see, or will find really useful. This will be from our publishing partners, brand partners, or content from our stars and athletes.

Health is about more than physical fitness. We’re incorporating nutrition, sleep patterns, heart rates and other important things, as well as data from wearables (if you have one) to give you a visual representation of how balanced your days are.

See interviews, posts, workouts, plans and much more, from stars, sporting legends, athletes and professionals. You can connect with people you know to build an Amplify community.

Take part in Challenges set by our stars and legends, but also compete with your own friends, family and Amplify community; climbing leaderboards and earning Amps (our incentives!).

Amplify Wearables and Smartwatch integration

Wearables such as fitness trackers and smart watches are great for telling you about what you’ve done – but that’s a narrow view of your health. The Amplify app uses all that data to show you things like:

Load – understand the physical stress your body is under, based on your previous week's training.

Fitness - monitor your fitness levels.

Form – understand your body’s readiness to train. Are you ready to roll? Are you recovering enough between exercises and workout sessions? Have you had too much recovery, resulting in detraining?